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Eric & Jess’ Wedding by sadd3j

A great time was had by all of TPX! Keep the good times rolling!

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We got work to do… by JasonC

Alright, time to get to work..

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TPX: HK Edition by sadd3j

Where we lived and went to school etc! Craziness!

They have no orange unfortunately.. so:

Red – sadd3j
Blue – YFA
Green – JasonC

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TPX Industries by sadd3j

Welcome to the new TPX blog.. nothing spectacularly new.. everything works the same, primarily a cosmetic update.. something a bit easier to read and lighter in colours.

Thumbnails now default to 500px for the biggest side, and I recommend that we go with that. It makes it friendlier to browse a post without needing to click in. However feel free to upload bigger versions so that if someone DOES click, they can get a big version.

We’re now iPhone friendly, it won’t affect regular browser usage, but if you point an iPhone at tpx.icestorm.ca, you’ll get a customized interface:


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Heh.. if only.. by sadd3j

My friend from RH3C who is part of organizing night service thingys asked if TPX would be interesting in playing.. she said they have local Christian bands play once a month.

Too bad we don’t actually practice. ever.


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