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teewee: lastnight i had a dream..that i had a dog….and i really loved it ….

Al Gore: I’m the former vice president of the United States of America.
Bill Campbell: I’m chairman and former CEO of Intuit Corp.
Eric Schmidt: I’m the CEO of Google.
sadd3j: I love Mac!

Originated from t.ha (but apparently he doesn’t remember since these things are so natural for him :P), applied by sadd3j
You: … is not home right now.
Telemarketer ( TM ): Is there a better time to call?
You: Yes. (and then silence)
TM: Excuse me?
You: Yes.
TM: Hello?
You: Hi
TM: Is there a better time?
You: Yes.
TM: When?
You: I don’t know.
TM: (laughs) OK, thanks. Bye.
You: Bye.

on Tiff’s hair at worship practice.. one week after previous worship practice where sadd3j commented “wow, your hair is… crazy”

t.ha: “wow!! what happened to your hair!”
t.woo: “i permed it you idiot!!!”
jasonC: “……i was going to ask the same thing!!”

JasonC: before I step into the same hole again…..zelda’s a girl?

yfa: Jason made a spontaneous buy, guess what he bought?
t.woo: what?
t.ha: it’s alive.
t.woo: what is it?
liu wiggles his fingers on top of his head
t.woo: the devil?

on Hayate

JasonC says:
and starting to get really bity
JasonC says:
…..one time he nibbled my crotch………………==’

on wishing he had special powers

JasonC: Whenever I see like a circle of wind with leaves, I always love to jump in the middle of it……..make me feel like I’m powering up

on bumping into Ken (from L’arc en ciel) on the streets of Japan

jasonhpchu: sometimes I shower, and think..hmm…what would I say…if I’m on the streets of japan, and bumped into say Ken…haha
jasonhpchu: lol
like I would think…I’d say something like….I play guitar too, I love your music
give me some love drive!

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