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Home Theatre Install.. finishes? by sadd3j

Well, not entirely true.. as I’m still waiting on the powerbridge, but, I got enthusiastic and spent the better part of Friday evening and a few hours on Saturday hard at work. Unfortunately I’m horrible at taking pictures as I go.. so there isn’t much in the way of in-progress.

A few snags along the way:

The metal studs turn out to be furring strips and approximately 1.5″ wide.. which was sad, but since my brother was originally planning for dry-wall only installation, I figured any kind of extra support would be bonus.

The holes for the toggle bolts I bought had to be 6/8″! The part of the wall mount that attaches to the wall wouldn’t take that size, so I had to enlarge some of the holes and dremel bits away to make the bolts fit in.


The green tape on the wall (and there was a LOT of it on the wall) shows where the studs in the wall are.. I also had tape showing the top/bottom/left/right edges of the tv, as well as the top/bottom edges of the mount and tape showing the center position on the wall.

After the initial fear of screwing it up.. cutting holes in the drywall was quite fun.

Holes for everything!

Mm.. dream of wall-plate AV connectors.. achieved.

The speakers were actually more of a pain to put in than the tv. I guess I thought it was cake after putting the plasma up.. so I didn’t measure 5 times.. and had some problems aligning them.

It’ll be a lot cleaner once I get a proper powerbar, a smaller sub, and commission a media console. I’ve been sketching a few ideas out. It’ll be pretty much the same height as the one in the photo, but wide enough to cover up the A/V wallplates. Right now there are two power cables coming out on each side, but it’ll be cut down to just one power cable eventually.

I’ve also decided the rear surrounds add so much to the movie experience.. and so will be investigating options. Currently there’s.. buy flat speaker cable and run it around the wall and paint over it.. or run it on the ground under the rug. Decisions.. decisions..

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  1. teewee – November 24th, 2008 @ 2:13 pm

    good job, looks very clean and sleek, cant wait to see the finished product with paint and all..

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