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First Impressions: 35mm F2.0 by sadd3j

Terry’s new lens.. circa 1950. The box looks like its older than me. I have to run out so here’s a few photos I got in the supermarket before I had too much in my basket to take photos.. and the looks I got toting a 5D in No Frills.

As you can see, DOF is hard to come by.. in the 2nd shot.. f6.3 and still not as much in focus as I’d like.

1/400 at f2.0, ISO 400, 35mm

1/100 at f6.3, ISO 1000, 35mm

1/320 at f2.0, ISO 320, 35mm

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  1. teewee – December 7th, 2008 @ 2:26 am

    to add: reviews have stated that center sharpness is the forte of this lens as it matches up quite well with its 5x more expensive brother 1.4L, however, in terms of corner sharpness, this lens loses big time, also you’ll notice harder vignetting (esp on sadd3j’s FF). [this explains why the second photo, the centre is sharp but ends aren’t as in focus]

    but no harm no foul, i’m excited to play with this lens, work on composition and such..
    (side. it’d be cool if i can add to this post, i’d add that photo of the box you emailed me)

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