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DIY: iPhone Stand by teewee

It’s been just about 4 months since I got my iPhone. Really not trying to be Apple-fan-boy-biased, but I can say the experience thus far has been great. It really is the perfect companion, not having data is ok, since there’s WIFI at school and at home so I’m connected most of the time. (side note: shazam, the music tagging application has previously required internet so it sends your recorded tag for analysis immediately, not supports offline in that you can record the clip without internet and it’ll do the song lookup next time you’re connected) So it’s pretty nifty having these apps on the phone, another one being iTalk by Griffin, which can record anything, the quality is surprisingly great straight off the built in mic, no processing and all.

But I digress, the point is that the iPhone has really lived up to all the hype (IMO). With exam studying and what not, I’ve really tried to remove all distractions mainly by not bringing the macbook out. But I do take a break once in a while, sometimes its playing games, other times its the mad texting with sadd3j, but more often than not, the best break is to watch a TV show off the iPhone.

Preface: I have to admit, when I got my new wallet from Sarah, I was hesitant as to whether I’d like it or not. Traditionally, I’ve liked 2-fold wallets more than 3-fold because I don’t like my bills having 2 bends instead of 1. I think my first response when I got it was: “You know I like 2-fold wallets right?”. But the 3-fold wallet was good because it was smaller than my old one, so I just started using it and haven’t switched back since.

So after trying to hold the iPhone while watching a TV show and finding it getting tiring (or when I’m eating) i finally solved it with the perfect iPhone stand: my wallet.

Instructions: 1. Open one flap; 2. Place iPhone in
It’s pretty sweet, theoretically, I’ll always have this stand with me, and the display angle is dead on. haha

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  1. sadd3j – December 15th, 2008 @ 11:47 am

    Heh yea, I must say the iPhone has been of constant use. Mainly for mail and news, google maps, check sport stats, but it’s nice just to have the capability to do almost anything.

    In terms of data, I’m on the fence. It’s expensive but at the same time kinda useful.

    I find I also use the speaker phone quite a lot. I’d like a headset though.

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